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Introduction to Signs

1. Mesh

Mesh Picture

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries or Mesha (in Hindi), denoted by the Ram. The lord of Aries is Mars and it imparts to this sign its fiery nature. Aries is a movable, masculine sign which rules the head and the colour ascribed to it is red. In this sign Sun is exalted, Saturn debilitated and Venus is in fall. In general Ariens tend to be of moderate stature, with a lean muscular body and have a swarthy complexion. Being born under the first sign makes you a pioneer. Like the ram you are courageous, impulsive, aggressive, as well as outspoken. Your freedom is your birth right which cannot be encroached upon. Challenges excite you and nothing can distract you from your purpose except your own impatience.

2. Vrishabh

Taurus, known in India as Rishaba, has been assigned the sign of the bull. Next to Aries in the zodiac belt, this fixed sign is ruled by Venus. A masculine sign it governs the neck and its colour is white. In this sign Moon is exalted, Mars is detriment, and Uranus is in the fall. The Taurean is heavy built with broad shoulder and a height ranging from short to average. As a Taurean you are known for your endurance, patience and strong will power. Like the bull, your birth sign, you are stubborn and averse to change making you a conservative. In you people find a faithful and trustworthy friend.

3. Mithun

The third sign of the zodiac is that of the twins known as Gemini in the western system and Mithuna in the Indian system. The lord of this airy sign is Mercury. Considered to be of dual nature, Gemini rules the lungs, shoulders, and arms, while the colour ascribed to it is green. In Gemini no planet is exalted or debilitated. While Saturn and Venus are said to be in a friendly house, the other planets are believed to be in an enemy's house. A typical Geminian is said to be tall, with a slender physique. A moderate complexion is coupled with dark hair. Duality is your hallmark. You are elusive, complex and full of contradictions. These very qualities of yours could be a virtue or a shortcoming. You are capable of intense concentration, however lack the ability to sustain it. For you life should throw up exciting changes every moment, as change for you is the elixir of life.

4. Kark

The zodiac sign next to Gemini is Cancer or Karaka, indicated by the crab. A feminine, watery as well as a movable sign, Cancer is ruled by Moon. The colour ascribed to it is pink, and the part of the body it is said to influence is the heart. When in Cancer, Jupiter is said to be exalted, Mars debilitated, Sun on friendly grounds and the planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in an enemy's house. A Cancerian can be identified by his average to below average height, stocky built and clumsy walk. A pale complexion and a prominent forehead are other distinguishing features. As a typical Cancerian you are timid, emotional and withdrawn. Your strong `maternal' instincts makes you sensitive to others problems as well as sympathetic towards them. Being born under this sign you are fascinated by the occult and have psychic tendencies.

5. Simha

The 5th zodiac sign is Leo or Simha, as it is known in India, indicated by the lion. Ruled by the sun, this sign has a fiery nature and masculine characteristics. Said to rule over the stomach, Leo has been associated with the colour brown. The planets Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are said to be on friendly turf when in Leo, whereas Saturn, Venus and Mercury are believed to be in the house of a foe. No planet is either exalted or debilitated when in Leo. Leonians possess large, strong and active bodies. They have wide prominent eyes which may be grey or blue in colour. Being born under the sign of the lion you are by nature dominant, extrovert and independent. Ambitious, a strong will and self confidence you wear as a badge of honour. You are philosophical and have a religious bent of mind.

6. Kanya

Virgo or Kanya is the 6th sign in the zodiac band. Denoted by the virgin, this feminine sign has Mercury for its lord. An earthy sign, Virgo is said to be of dual nature. The waist is ruled by Leo and grey is the colour associated with this zodiac sign. When in Leo, Mercury is said to be exalted, Venus debilitated, Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter in enemy camp, while Saturn finds itself in a friendly house. A Virgoan has a tall and slender body with dark hair and eyes, and possess a ruddy complexion. As Virgoan you would be industrious, refined and modest. Your love for hygiene and your critical nature is legendary. Your zodiac sign imparts to you a shrewd, observant nature and makes you a tough customer to please.

7. Tula

Libra, also known as Tula in Indian astrology is the sign next to Virgo in the Zodiac belt. The symbol assigned to this airy sign is the scales and it is ruled by Venus. Virgo, a masculine and movable sign is said to rule over the navel. The colour of this sign is rose. Saturn is exalted when in Libra, Sun gets debilitated while Moon and Mars are said to be on enemy grounds. Well proportioned body, with good complexion and beautiful features distinguishes a Libran. Born under this most desirable zodiac sign you would have the typical qualities of elegance, a charming, gentle and courteous nature. You are known for your good taste and the ability to make impartial judgement.

8. Vrishchik

The eighth zodiac sign is Scorpio or Vrishchika and is denoted by the scorpion. Mars is said to rule over this fixed watery zodiac sign. A feminine sign, Scorpio governs the reproductive organs and the colour associated with it is black. While Moon is debilitated, Venus is said to be in fall and no sign is exalted when in Scorpio. When Sun and Jupiter are in this sign they are believed to be in a friendly house, whereas Mercury, Saturn and Venus are on enemy grounds. A typical Scorpion is of average height, with strong thick set body with a strong constitution. Scorpians like you are known to be intense, keen and profound people. Some typical features you share with other Scorpians are, a rational mind and a common aversion for gossip. You can be sarcastic and blunt to the people you dislike. Your unconventional nature may lead you to do great good or equally great evil.

9. Dhanu

The archer denotes the 9th zodiac sign; Sagittarius or Dhanu. A fire sign Sagittarius has Jupiter for its lord. It is a masculine sign, dual in nature, rules over the thighs and the colour ascribed to it is golden. No planet is exalted or debilitated in Sagittarius, however Mercury becomes weak when it is in this sign. When Sun and Moon are in this sign they are in a friendly house, whereas Saturn, Venus and Mercury are in an enemy's house when they are in this sign. Sagittarians are gifted with a well proportioned body and are generally tall, slender with a bright and expressive face. Your bright appearance is a result of your positive outlook on life. People around you are attracted by your bold and ambitious nature. In you they find an honest, generous and trustworthy friend. However for all your vigour, when it comes to taking a quick decision, you falter.


Makara, or Capricorn is indicated by the goat. The planet ruling over this earth sign is Saturn and it is movable in nature. A feminine sign, Capricorn is associated with the legs and yellow is the colour of the sign. Jupiter is debilitated, Mars is exalted in Makara. When in Capricorn, Sun and Moon are believed to be on enemy turf, while Venus and Mercury are on friendly grounds. In general Capricornians are thin, with below average stature, but with prominent features. As a good Capricornian you would be stable, serious, cautious and calm. An ideal employee you are hard working and quickly complete the task at hand. On the flip side you lack originality and creativity and tend towards the dull. Known for your mood swings, you are prone to depressions.


The water carrier indicates the zodiac sign Aquarius or Kumbha. Saturn governs this sign, which is said to be fixed in nature. An air sign, Aquarius is said to be masculine and rules over the ankle. Indigo is the colour which is ascribed to this sign. Mercury and Venus are in friendly house, while Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are said to be on enemy grounds, when in Kumbha. No planet is either exalted or debilitated when in this sign. An Aquarian is tall stocky, possessing a handsome and friendly countenance. Born under this zodiac sign you have a strong and magnetic personality. Your industrious nature is coupled with intelligence and a good reasoning faculty. You are outspoken, unselfish and at the same time impersonal. Your friends are those who fulfil your chosen criteria, which is keeping in tune with your strong likes and dislikes in life.


The last zodiac sign Pisces or Meena is denoted by a pair of fish. The lord of this water sign is Jupiter. Pisces is said to be a female sign which is dual in nature. It rules over the feet and deep brown is the colour associated with it. In Pisces the planet Venus is exalted, Mercury debilitated, while Sun, Moon and Mars are said to be in a friendly house. Saturn is an auspicious sign when in Pisces. Physically Pisceans are said to be below average in height and overweight. They have a pale complexion and hooded eyes. Compared to those born under the other zodiac signs you lack flamboyance. This in no way undermines your gentle, patient and friendly nature. Your sensitivity towards those around you, earns you their appreciation. Faced with a problem you wait for things to sort out rather than take any initiative to solve them.