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Paresh is in the field of Astrology for last fifteen years. He says,
"Taking inspirations from my father, I started this study right from my school days. Even in my engineering days of hard studying and rigorous schedule of MBA course from Mumbai university, I never lost my interest in astrology. I kept reading.... what are the houses? What the horoscope represents? Horoscope is the picture of earth taken from space from which angle? What are Rahu Ketus? Why planets govern us? Does planets really affect human body.. etc. And at the end of it I found out logical reasoning for most of the things. We can say that Astrology is a science!
Brugu rushi says that an Astrologer should not expect anything from people but keep serving society without expecting anything. That is why I do not accept anything in cash or kind. But I do not entertain people who come to me for some entertainment and are not in real need of my services."
Uptill now he has guided more than 1000 people. Paresh believes that every thing has its own time to happen and astrology is the tool that tells you how to synchronise your efforts with that time.

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